Enterprise resource planning  (ERP) software is used to implement financial and business planning functions. It can automate and simplify the accounting process. An ERP can facilitate the operations of budgeting and billing. With ERP, employees can log in and enter the details of their work.

The ERP will let you add the products and you can update and delete the status of the products.

Admin can register the staff, users, agents etc. Admin can make salary payments to their staff.

Admin can get the list of customers and their details, he can update or delete the customer’s data.

It improves the quality and accessibility of the organization. It improves reporting and planning, you can quickly generate any kind of reports and can plan accordingly.

ERP system provides transparency and visibility into your business. It helps to monitor the status of your inventory levels on daily basis, letting you know current and incoming inventories. So that you can make plans.

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