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Free Digital Marketing Training STEP-BY-STEP…!!

Free Digital Marketing Training STEP-BY-STEP…!!

The need of digital marketing has been identified as the internet & Smartphone revolution emerges in larger scale across the globe since 2000. We can say, 2016 is the starting point of Smartphone revolution. And, 40% of the world population is already using internet and people are present in various online platforms like google, face book etc. So in upcoming 5 to 10 years the internet users reach up to 80% for sure. So obviously the business owners or product owners or website owners must have to reach those online audions and get the sales for their products. So, the business owners must recruit huge digital marketing experts and make the process easier.

Massive opportunity for Start-ups, entrepreneurs and idea innovators by adding digital marketing to their skill sets. A Digital Marketing professional can expect to earn anywhere from Rs 15,000 to no maximum limit a month with a just few years experience.

However total estimate job opportunities in the digital space is estimated at 1.5 Lakh.

Marketing on digital platform is Economical, effective & quick. Digital Marketing professionals enjoy the most flexible to work from any corner of the globe. All that you require is a computer and internet connection.

Digital marketing is the most in-demand profession and career to seek. It’s here to stay and future is digital. DigitizeAds.com keeps you ready for the future.

The major advantages of approaching digital marketing techniques are:

  1. Huge potential of audience existed online.
  2. Easily target the customer who has interest in purchase the product by using several digital marketing tools.
  3. It is cost effective when compared to traditional marketing approaches.
  4. Obviously there will be high returns over the investment (ROI) for any small, medium & large scale companies.

What is digital marketing?


 It is a process of promoting a product, website, business through online mediums like facebook, Google, adwords etc.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Marketing is a digital marketing technique which is used to ensure that the business pages of the website are appearing top in the google search results for a keyword(query) entered by the customer in the search interface.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website on organic(Natural or Un-paid) search engine result pages(SERPs),by incorporating search engine friendly elements into a website.

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