School Management Software

school management software

School Management Software manages all the records of school with an ease. It has all the information of the school.School Management Software allows you to store and retrieve the data from at any time. You can manage all the data of your school all the branches of your institution, number of classes and sections, data of each faculty and student, attendance records, expenditure records, buses data and many more. All these can be managed easily with School Management Software.

You need to login to the website with your login credentials to access it.

It has three user types,

  1. Admin
  2. Accountant
  3. Guest

The website has 7 general modules and 3 live on modules. The following are all the modules


  1. School profile: In this module you can have all the data of your school. You can have the details of different branches of the school here. First register the school and then you can edit the details regarding branch, class and section.
  2. Student profile: Here you can have the details of each student. First register the student and then you can keep and edit the student information like exam and fee details.
  3. Bus-pass module: In this module you can have the data regarding bus routes and the student bus pass information.
  4. Attendance module: Here you can have the daily attendance report of each class. You can update each day’s attendance.
  5.  Examination module: You can have all the information regarding examinations like type of exam, marks carried for different exams, number of subjects. You can get the hall tickets of exams and exams schedule. You can also maintain the mark sheet of each student of every class.
  6. Fee Module: In fee module, you can have the assigned fee details, payment form, due details and payment details of each period.
  7. Faculty Module: In faculty module, you will have faculty registration form and faculty report. You will also have the details of assigned salary of each faculty and salary payment details.

Live on:

  1. Expenditure module: You can make payments, get expenditure report and statements of expenditure.
  2. Data transfer: You can download the excel file, import and export data.
  3. SMS module: You can send SMS branch, class, branch, bus route wise and can make SMS settings.
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