How to Promote a Website

How to Promote a Website

If running a small business selling anything such as pictures, paintings, wood toys and other art products through the internet, sellers have to opt for several steps to increase their online visibility. Accordingly sellers have to opt for a few things that go well in promoting a website beside having a catalog and online shopping cart in their website.

Process 1

According to some experts despite starting off with a really low investment, websites can make good business by having a good layout and attractive designs and content that will be more visible to online customers. As such keywords/tags that most closely represent the products on sale with the website, must be given the due prominence as they ensure increased number of hits from search engines that measure the popularity of a website. These keywords are most likely one word or combination of words that a person searches on the internet.

According to these experts, searching for the correct keyword that allows for better comparison with the keywords of other similar websites is important. As such making improvements in keywords used on all pages as well as the tags of the website helps to improve the number of hits on the website. Next to consider is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). As SEM helps create targeted traffic; making money and managing the Returns On Investment (ROI) becomes easier with pay per click advertising.

According to these experts, apart from optimizing the website keywords; promoting the website through other means like traditional marketing/print advertising can also be helpful. Also putting a part of budget for Public Relation (PR) campaign can also be helpful I getting directed readers to the website. Utilizing traditional promotional marketing tools such as getting the website listed everywhere possible including articles, advertisement, sponsored events and pamphlets can also help.




Process 2

According to some experts, concentrating on organic search to create the right keywords in the text on the site is the best option available for; for example if a website is selling toys for children, the keywords that invariably direct the search from a search engine to the website must be used in the content. Submit the website on search engines using a submit tool or add the website to all the top websites by registering with them. According to these experts next step is to find out what products people are buying online, and they are anywhere close to what you sell get listed on those websites. As such these according to various experts these steps can be summarized as

Focus on right key words used on major search engines and track the various online campaigns for the highest ROI.
Make sure website is easy to navigate, easy to buy, good easy shopping cart, and accepts credit cards. Make the website work like a retail shop with a checkout, shopping aisles or shelves and a shop window.
Join good affiliate programs like Amazons, and check out the commission junction.
Do tests on shopping engines.
Prepare an email list and do some email marketing.
Try to form strategic partnership with other websites to co-market and push sale of online products.
If selling toys for kids, publish articles with demographically enabled websites to enhance viewership.
Offer free newsetters to people who visit the website, in such a way that the reader finds the content to be useful and not boring or cumbersome to read.

Process 3

Some other experts say that link building and submission of the website on to major directories like DMOZ, Yahoo Directory or registering with paid blog posting service such as can help to promote a website. Also according to these experts adding a blog to upload an article about a relevant issue and communicating with the internet users through online responses to the website also helps in promoting a website. According to some other experts websites that have the maximum back-links or link exchange with websites that in the same business and consequent online traffic generated through SEO-ed content can also be helpful. As such

Process 4

According to some other experts registering with auction websites like can help websites to reach out to the maximum number of customers from all around the world. According to this while some of the internet buyers will be happy to shop through ebay directly, others will buy from the website depending on their requirement and preference. This will in-effect push up viewership of the website on the internet and attract newer visitors. According to them, a definite path has to be followed

Websites need to coded using W3C Standards to ensure that the website is indexed properly by search engines.
Do not make words into graphics, especially if they are important words to the business.
Dot add flash to websites
Write a blog about a relevant topic on the website.
Update the blog weekly at least, and link other relevant websites with the blog, this will result in the blog/website showing up more number of times for more keyword searches made.
Make sure that website has correct set of web analytics, e.g. Google Analytics.
Create a top class Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign that helps generate lots of clicks but no purchases. This will atleast help generating more revenues
Entice the visitor to complete the sale by running a blog related to the products being sold on the website. This will definitely help in improving traffic to the website as people will continue to read about the various products sold on the website.

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